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Motorola Inc. has been a market leader in its industry for decades. Its major strengths are its research, technology and product reliability. Due to various factors in the current market situation, it has been witnessing a constant drop in its market share. Motorola is finding it hard to compete with its rivals like Nokia, Lucent, Erickson, Nortel, Samsung, Apple, and LG. A number of factors have contributed to its downfall. These factors range from an old fashioned management style, to the use of out dated technology. We will take all the issues in detail in the course of this paper.
Research Question
* What are the factors that led to the falling market share of Motorola Inc.?
* What are the parameters/factors that will influence the growth of Motorola Inc. in future?
The main aim of this research is to deduce the factors responsible for the decreasing market share of Motorola Company in European market.
The objective of this research paper is to evaluate the viability of strategies followed by Motorola to recover its falling market share. In this paper, we shall evaluate the various market strategies for Motorola based on the following market conditions:
* Industry of Operation and Portfolio Analysis
* SWOT Analysis
* Overall Market Analysis
* Market Mix
* Promotion
Expected Outcome
Through the literature review, a conceptual framework of marketing strategy will be established. It will then be used as a research tool to find out how well Motorola is doing and what can it do to improve performance in European market.
This research will use the classical model of marketing mix to investigate the shortcomings of Motorola Inc. to achieve the purpose of study. In order to gather information for the research, the primary information will be collected from the consumers by way of questionnaires and interviews. The format of the questions would be MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) and Likert Sale questions. The information will be collected using secondary data by way of internet, books and journals.
Theoretical Framework
Motorola’s Offerings
Motorola’s Offerings

Portfolio Analysis
Portfolio Analysis
SWOT Analysis
SWOT Analysis
Market Analysis
Market Analysis
Market Mix
Market Mix

4 Ps = Product, Price, Place, Promotion

4 Ps = Product, Price, Place, Promotion


Literature Review
Portfolio Analysis
Motorola is a global leader in providing integrated communications and electronic solutions. It has its presence across various industries. It produces:
* Two way radio systems
* Internet access products
* High quality speed and data delivery for broadband network
* Low cost semi-conductors
* Systems for industries like:
* Aerospace
* Telecommunications
* Computing
* Energy system marketing
* Consumer Electronics
SWOT Analysis
SWOT (Strengths, Opportunities, Weaknesses and Threats) analysis helps the firm in identifying effective strategies. It helps coming up with...

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