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ORGANIZATIONAL STRENGTHS OUTSTANDING REPUTATION - Motorola has developed strengths through brand recognition and quality engineering. Motorola's manufacturing process, TQM initiatives and learning culture enables the company to offer a price-premium over competing brands. The company has a high reputation for establishing relationships with customers and suppliers of components. These relationships have enabled Motorola to achieve Total Customer Satisfaction.PARTICIPATION IN STRATEGIC ALLIANCES ? As a result of its philosophy and commitment, Motorola has been able to easily enter into joint ventures with other strong companies. Motorola believes that it must invest as a partner in each new enterprise effort and seek opportunities to influence, as well as support entrepreneurial success. This commitment and philosophy enables Motorola to successfully acquire partnerships. Many other companies want to do business with Motorola because they know they will gain financially. Moreover, equity is jointly held by the entrepreneurs and Motorola. This strength gives Motorola a competitive advantage because it can join forces with competition and minimize the potential threat of competitors.LONGEVITY - Motorola has been in business for approximately 73 years. Paul Gavin established the corporation in 1928 under the name of Galvin Manufacturing Corporation. In 1947 the name was changed to Motorola Incorporation.SUSTAINED GROWTH - Robert Galvin retired after 56 years. During his time of employment, the company grew from a small US manufacturing company to a global technical giant.EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION AMONG STAKEHOLDERS ? In order to consistently evaluate the company, Motorola created an Internet based information network. This network informs internal and external customers of Motorola?s activities at the present time and its projected future. Employees in business segments of Motorola report to the Internet frequently. Peers and management are able to respond to business strategies and offer suggestions as to how the various strategies can be improved and/or affected.LOW COST CAPABILITIES - Due to the its low-cost manufacturing capabilities, Motorola has been able to offer high quality products at competitive prices. The investment in globalization, first mover advantages, vertical integration, joint ventures, and acquisitions has also helped Motorola to keep its costs low. Furthermore, Motorola's relationships with partners and suppliers have enabled it to obtain raw material at a low-cost.EARNED OVERALL SUPERIOR RATINGS ? Motorola earned outstanding ratings in employee health and safety, environment protection programs, and community development. These ratings help Motorola?s business because people want to buy products from companies that care deeply about these issues.QUALITY PRODUCTS - Motorola?s goal has been to achieve Six-Sigma quality of 3.4 defects per million, which was achieved. Motorola is currently aiming to double the quality of improvement...

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