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Magnetism and Moving charges*Oersted had showed in the 19th century that a current carrying conductor was surrounded by a magnetic field*Moving charges experience a force in a magnetic fieldFactors that effect the magnitude of force*F = ILBsinƒÖVan Allen Radiation belts - example pf motion of charged particles in a field*Charged particles trapped inside the earth's magnetic field, which oscillate back and forth between the poles*These charged particles experience a force due to earth's magnetic field*Force strong perpendicular, none parallel - always has parallel and perpendicular components - there spiral out of controlForces on Parallel wires*Like current attract*Unlike currents repel*F = k I1I2L dThe Ampere*Defined in terms of the force between two parallel current carrying wires*One ampere flows in each infinitely long parallel wires, separated by 1 meter in a vacuum - force exerted is 2 x 10-7Experiment - Investigating the motor effect*Use of a current balance - on knife edgesMotor effect*The motion produced by the force acting in a current carrying wire in a magnetic field is called the motor effect*'Torque experienced by a current carrying wire in a magnetic field'Torque is defined as the turning moment of a force*T = Fd*Product of the force and perpendicular distance from axis to line of action of forceForces experienced by a current carrying loop in a magnetic filed*A current carrying loop in a magnetic field experiences a torque*Wire is catapulted from string B to weak B*Two long parallel wires - like currents attract, unlike repelRadial Magnetic field*Pole pieces of magnet are curved - thus coil always lies parallel to field - torque always maxElectric Motors*Convert electrical energy into mechanical energy*Classified as eitheroAC motors - induction, SynchronousoDC motors - Commutator motors*Consists of the followingoRotor - rotating partoStator - stationary part*In some cases the rotor carries the current, while stator provides magnetic field*In other cases B is the rotor, and stator carries IFeatures of DC*Armature*Magnetic field - permanent or electromagnets*Commutator - reverses direction of I every half turn*Conducting brushes - takes I to and from armatureArmature and Field Structure*Armature - number of coils are wrapped around iron core - free to rotate around the horizontal axis*Simple field structure - permanent magnets or electromagnets (more effective - larger magnetic field)*Curved magnets improve smoothness of torque - always max*Rectangular armature - located between field structureImportance of Commutator*Reverses direction of I every half turn - enables continuous spin of armature*Each commutator segment connected to either side of Armature*Momentum helps the process which creates a continuous motion in one directionRole of metal split ring and brushes in commutator*Metal split ringoCopper cylinder - 2 electronically separate halfsoEach half connected to one side of the armature*Conducting brushesoBrushes...

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632 words - 3 pages rust. However, when the air grows damp, copperwill go from reddish-orange to reddish brown. After being in damp air forlong periods of time, a green film will coat the copper, called patina, whichwill protect it from further corrosion.Since copper is one of the most widely used metals in theworld we use it for a lot of things. Copper gives us water heaters, boilers andcooking utensils. It is used for out door power lines, cables, lamp cords, andhouse wiring. Electrical machinery like generators, motors, controllers,signaling devices, electro magnets, and communication devices all usecopper.

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1071 words - 5 pages corrosion resistant steels too. Cobalt is also used in other metals that are used for electronics and magnetics. Cobalt is used in magnets and electronics in quite a few ways. One use for cobalt is in magnetic alloys that are meant to keep a magnetic field for a certain period of time. These fields are used in motors and generators (Newton). Cobalt is used in these fields for many reasons. The main reason though is that cobalt has a high Curie

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1084 words - 5 pages metals that are made for electronics and magnetics. Cobalt is in magnets and electronics in quite a few ways. One use for cobalt is in magnetic alloys that are meant to keep a magnetic field for a certain period of time. These fields include motors and generators (Newton). Cobalt is used in these fields for many reasons. The main reason though is that cobalt has a high Curie temperature. A Curie temperature is basically how hot a metal can be

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1091 words - 4 pages and inspecting motors to locate defective parts, repairing engine mechanical equipment, and adjusting generators and replacing faulty wiring (America's Career InfoNet) are all things that I will be experiencing daily. Being a fishermen and around boats very often I had to adapt to them, learning to control and be able to fix the problems on my own. Some other things I will be doing in the field are very time consuming. These tasks as CareerOneStop

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