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William Sidney Mount and Francis Criss strategically used the elements and principles of art to create The Card Players in the time period of 1845-1850 and City Landscape in 1934, respectively, in order to accurately portray the meaning and significance behind each aspect of each piece of art. While both pieces of art are similar in many ways, there are significant differences as well. Some of the major differences include the color palette that is used and the motion and focal point emphasized and created in The Card Players. The two pieces are similar in aspects such as the rhythm that is created, the lines created, and the values that are used throughout for many purposes.
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There is a change from a darker value of yellow to a lighter value of yellow. This helps the viewer to understand that the fence posts are getting farther and farther away. Each value change in Francis Criss’ painting seems to give a better sense of the location of each building and object.
Another element of art that is created by the use of these fence posts is the linear aspect. Each post is in a vertical position or, in other words, a vertical line. Other pieces of the art have this same effect. For example, the railings, the sides of the buildings, and the lamp posts are all vertical lines that have specific effects. The rails, fence posts, and sides of the buildings give a stable and strong sense to the city while the horizontals such as the roofs of the buildings give a stationary sense to the city. Basically, they help portray to the viewer that the city is not moving. The same effect is created in The Card Players with vertical, horizontal, and also diagonal lines. For example, some of the boards and the people that are sitting in the building are in the vertical position while some are in horizontal positions. Also, some of the boards in the roof are in a diagonal position. The other diagonals created in this artwork is the shape of the pile of bricks on the left side of the piece of art and the arms of the people that are playing cards in the piece of artwork. The diagonals create a sense of movement. Therefore, since the arms of the people are at an angle, it helps the artist to show the viewer that the card players were in the process of playing cards because their arms were moving. It is as if the moment was captured in time.
The linear aspects of a piece of art can also create rhythm and unity. This is created by the repetition of the different objects or people spread throughout. Francis Criss has many examples of this in his painting. Various examples include the fence posts, the cars, and the railing. The reason that these objects create rhythm is because of the continued repetition of the element. Each fence post, car, and railing are side by side in the form of a pattern. It helps the viewer’s...

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