Mount Fuji; An Impending Disaster Essay

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One major way that Japan has started to prepare for the volcano is creating an evacuation plan. This evacuation plan goes through the prefectures of Shizuoka, Yamanashi, and Kanagawa. These prefectural governments have set to prepare for the possible eruption. The plan calls for 750,000 people to leave their homes due to lava and pyroclastic flows. 750,000 people is a big number and it makes me wonder where all these people will go. On top of this number another 470,000 will need to evacuate because of the volcanic ash in the air. Kanagawa is the prefecture most heavily affected, not only by lava flows but also by volcanic ash. Even more people are still affected by the volcanic ash. The evacuation plan states 8.85 million people live in areas where 2 cm or more of volcanic ash is expected to fall. This volcanic ash is going to affect people’s health. A major flaw I read within the evacuation plan is it doesn’t assume an eruption after a major earthquake. This could be a big issue going forward because many times in the past, earthquakes have caused volcanic eruptions. The evacuation plan shows good numbers and data on the people affected. But, in my opinion, they could still be clearer on when to expect the eruption and how it will further affect the people living in the region.
After volcanoes erupt, significant amounts of dangerous and toxic gasses can enter the atmosphere such as sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide. It is a good thing Japan has an evacuation plan and is ready to clear people of the area because the environment and personal health are going to be affected. These factors of health and pollution where affected in the 2011 during the Fukushima nuclear power plant incident. The Fukushima incident showed that natural disasters could wipe out communities based off of pollution and destruction to the city. Air pollution is not the only factor that volcanoes affect after an eruption. Climate can be affected greatly by a volcanic eruption. Humidity is going to increase because water vapor will enter the atmosphere. Large eruptions in the past have shown cooling of cities to occur. Cooling influence occurs when large eruptions create gas clouds so big, they launch sun-blocking particles in to the stratosphere. Sun blocking particles can cause a significant dip in global temperatures. Since carbon dioxide is held up in volcanoes there will be huge emissions of it after a volcano. Global warming is an ongoing issue in the world currently and carbon emissions make the problem worse. Research has shown me that not only do gas and particles released by volcanoes affect the city around it, but they also affect the earth as a whole.
A factor that I didn’t really think about when I started this project is the economy. I soon leaned that if the volcano were to erupt it will greatly affect the economy. There is expected to be 32 billion dollars of damage from the Mount Fuji eruption. Money will go towards the destruction of the city and also...

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