Mount Keira Ecosystem Essay

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Carl Davis !! Year 11 Biology Research Task
A Local Ecosystem Mount Keira: Illawarra 


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! 1. Introduction a) Mount Keira in Illawarra is predominantly a rainforest ecosystem b) Mt. Keira is a 464 metre tall and 469 metres above sea level with lush tree's and other vegetation. Mt. Keira contains very unique plants and animals. There is two sub-divisions of the area. One being the Hawkesbury Sandstone Open Forest and Narabeen Shale Rainforest. The ecosystem changes partially as you reach further up in the mountain. At their northern limits are temperate species such as the eucalypts Yellow Stringy bark and Gully Gum. At the lower limits, Subtropical species such as Hairy-leaved Bolly Gum, and Red Kamala c) Mount Keira is 83Km South-West of Sydney, and is located in the Illawarra region. It is classified as apart of the Illawarra Escarpment !!


2. Abiotic Factors ! Abiotic factors in the Mount Keira rainforest area include: • Soil moisture: The amount of water available for the roots of trees so that they can grow
and survive. It is affected by the amount of rainfall and the soils exposure to sunlight • Soil pH: The atoms in water in the soil is where pH is measured, where dissolved
chemicals cause the soil to be acidic or basic. It is affected by pollution and chemical brought in on bush walks. This affects where plants can grow and how effectively they can grow.
• Light: The amount of sunlight that reaches the canopy and surface. It is affect by the density of the tree's. This affects the ground dwelling plants where they will receive much less light than the tall tree's
• Temperature/Climate: The heat and amount of water in the area, which affected by sunlight exposure, amount or waterbeds in the area. This affects the type of plants and animals present in the ecosystem !
These abiotic factors are constantly changing over a 24 hour period. The exposure to light would change rapidly when dusk and night time approaches. There is no sunlight and complete darkness. The temperature and climate would change dramatically as night approaches, it would get much cooler and damper. ! Stress factors than organisms have to deal with include: • Bushfires: Due to the high amount of tree's, bushes and sclerophyll plants in the area,
bushfires are commonplace in Mt Keira. Residents are very cautious in the summer months, because that is the bushfire season. !!!!!!!!!!
• Droughts: Also in these summer months, there is less rainfall and an increased soil exposure to sunlight. This causes the soil to dry up and droughts to occurs. Due to the rainforest ecosystem, and tropical plants, this causes a high amount of stress on the plants and animals in that area.
• Humans: Mt. Keira is a popular...

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