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Mountain Vs Beach Essay

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Bailey Oud 4Writing Task 3 :Compare and Contrast: Mountain Vs Beach VacationCOMM1085Section #79By Bailey OudID: 6671796Instructor: Louise LloydDate: October 30, 2014Ever since couples have had the luxury of the honeymoon, along with a never ending list of post-matrimony getaway options, the choice of where to go for this once in a life time vacation has become increasingly important. As the perfect romantic getaway has become more and more ideal, the beach versus the mountain escape has raged. After adequate soul searching, a couple will always reach a decision on where is best to spend their vacation. When deciding if their heart is set on relaxing in the sand while soaking up the sun, or hiking to the peak of the mountains in search of an intimate and secluded destination, they must compare. While both the mountains and the beach can be remarkable, when deciding on one or the other, preference of climate, activities, location, and cuisine must be considered.Typically, couples ...view middle of the document...

The beach vacation almost always offers a number of spa options that couples can take advantage of. The toughest choice of all, once the choice has been made between the Caribbean or the Muskoka's, is the particular location. When choosing where to go on a beach vacation, the options are endless. The list goes on, from Aruba to Acapulco. Each area has its highlights and as the list goes on the culinary experience changes as well. No matter what type of fare each choice has to offer, a beach vacation is a guarantee for some true cultural cuisine.The temperature of the classic mountain vacation area, is generally cooler. The climate is always promising of a cool and refreshing breeze, with an awaking scent of pine tree. For some, the climate can become the barrier to enjoying all that the mountains have to offer, but for those who embrace it, there is a variety of activity. The crisp temperatures and lack of luminosity, creates a perfect atmosphere to cuddle up for late night campfires and stargazing. The revitalising climate and the terrain succeed at providing an abundance of activities to partake in while visiting the area, including snowboarding, hiking, and mountain biking. Like the beach, most mountain resorts utilise the calm and tranquil environment, to offer a variety of spa packages that couples can treat themselves to. In contrast to beach locations, the extent of mountain resort choices is slightly less overwhelming. Unlike the southern areas, which have been overcome with all-inclusive resorts, the mountains only offer so many honeymoon worthy hideaways. Embarking on a trip to the Rocky Mountains may also lack in a cultural culinary experience, but that may be a trade for quality. The mountains will undoubtedly provide a breakfast of the fluffiest pancakes, with the purest maple syrup and a dinner of award winning smoked meat.Regardless of where a couple decides to head off on their honeymoon, a phenomenal experience is guaranteed. Mountains and beaches have their own distinct qualities, and they are both great places to escape from the long and hard planning of marriage. The most memorable getaway, however, will come down to personal preference of climate, activity, location and grub. The ultimate question is, to bring the boogie board or the snow board?

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