Mouse Trap Buggy Manufacturing Plan Essay

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Manufacturing Plan for Mouse Trap BuggyStepLesson/ DateActivityResourcesSafety/Quality CheckEst. TimeActual Time takenFRAME11 (10/31/08)Collect materials4 pieces of aluminum Strips, rivetsAre the aluminum strips of the right size in terms of both length and width? Are there any sharp edges on the aluminum strips which could cause danger?52Measure the size of aluminum strips and mark out the size (400mm length, back width 200mm, front width 100mm)Ruler, Engineers square, Aluminum strips, Scriber Are the aluminum strips exactly 90 degrees strait? If not, file the strip with a file. Does the length fit the size specification?403Cut aluminum stripsAluminum strips (4), Hacksaw, Tin snipsAre there any sharp edges on the cut? Is the length of the two side pieces of aluminum the same? Be careful when using the hacksaw and tin snips42 (11/04/08)Mark the mid point of the drilled area (corners) Aluminum pieces (4), Center punch, Hammer Is the marked midpoint of the drilled area correct? 205Drill holes on the ends of all four pieces of aluminumDrill press/ Hand drill, Aluminum pieces (4)Are the drill bits the right size prior to riveting? Are the holes in the correct position? Are safety precautions followed when drilling (safety glasses)6Rivet the four pieces of aluminum strips togetherRiveting gun, Rivets (4), Aluminum pieces (4)Are the aluminum strips in the right shape of trapezium? Is the front and back strips of aluminum parallel to each other? Are there any sharp edges on the frame? If required, file the frame5073 (11/07/08)Mark the mid point of the holes to be drilled on the completed frameAssembled aluminum frame, engineer square, center punch, hammerIs the marked midpoint of the drilled area correct? Is it exactly in the center of the aluminum? Be sure to measure the exact point in the middle208Drill holes with 3.5 diameter on the ends of each side of the frame for the rod (which would be inserted later)Drill press/ Hand drill, assembled aluminum frameIs the drill bit the right size prior to diameter of the rod? Are the holes in the correct position? Are safety precautions followed when drilling (safety glasses)9Drill 2 holes with 3.5mm diameter towards the back of the frame, 30mm away from the previous hole drilled for another rod (to be inserted later)Drill press/ Hand drill, assembled aluminum frame 20MOUSE TRAP104 (11/11/08)Measure the size of the mouse trapRuler, Mouse trapBe sure to measure accurately the size of the mouse trap511Mark out the lines on the mouse trap which are going to be cut offPencil, Ruler, Mouse trapMake sure the lines are straight and follows the exact shape of the aluminum frame, otherwise it wouldn't fit1012Cut the mouse trap so that it fits the aluminum frameBand saw, Mouse trapFollow all safety precautions when cutting the mouse trap. After cutting, is the mouse trap in the shape of a trapezium and does it fit on the frame? If not, cut more1013Drill holes on the front part of the mouse trap and surrounding the...

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