Move Forwaid In The Transition Of A University

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Potcake thought of the day “Why isn’t The College of the Bahamas (COB) a University yet when we have so many upcoming jobs for the people and now we have to bring outsiders here to make all the money”. Although there has been talk around the college about its transition to becoming a university there is still a lot needed to be done for this transition to be put in place. Therefore we need, the appropriate strategic leaders and vision must be in place to help COB transition from a college to a university. COB plays a major role in the higher education of many Bahamian students who cannot afford to go aboard to gain a college level education. In his letter to the editor in The Nassau Guardian “Delay the University Transition” Wesley Hickens notes that “The College of The Bahamas itself, it would simply continue its works as a four-year college of teaching the variety and as a big provider of an education for life”. COB should not remain a four year college because Bahamians will never be able to obtain the higher paying jobs offered by their country. The College of the Bahamas should move forward in becoming a University so that Bahamians can have the level of education needed to work in the best jobs in their own country.
President Dr. Bianes stated as “We look forward to making that dream a reality for us and for our nation”. Dr. Bianes simply mean that one day we will wake up and have a university right here in The Bahamas. At the same time as our country move forward with national development; Bahamian students should also be given the opportunity to obtain a masters degree in their own country qualifying them for jobs that are here in the country. It is a very important national need that The Bahamas Government passes the bill for COB to become a University. The Bahamas clearly needs a university because it is way too expensive for Bahamians that make minimum wage to send their children abroad to get their masters degree or doctoral degree in their field of study. The government can give a child a scholarship to go aboard but many parents still don’t have the necessary funds to provide a home overseas and a home in the country that will then put a strain on the parents or parent. For instance “Sue is now abroad getting her bachelor degree in Nursing and her experience over there is turning out to be the best ever, she has even decided that she doesn’t want to move back home. But does she know that her mom is struggling every day with her four other kids just to maintain her over there? She has no idea what is going on but yet she refuses to come back home because when she graduates she want her certificate to say university and not college”. Sue is an example of many Bahamian students that don’t want to attend The College of The Bahamas until it transitions to becoming the University of The Bahamas.
If the transition is made from a college to a university it would then help many Bahamians with the jobs that The Bahamas has to offer them....

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