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Movie Analysis: Scent Of A Woman

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"HoooHaaa!" A few days ago, I chose to view and analyze the popular movie Scent of a Woman. I had never seen the movie before but had only heard good things about it. I can now say good things about this movie from personal experience. This film was extraordinary. The movie Scent of a Woman is about Oscar winning actor Al Pacino who plays a retired Lieutenant Colonel Frank Slade, an embittered Army veteran who is now blind, not to mention alcoholic, angry and foul-mouthed. Of course, he's also witty and bright to say the least.Slade is looking to have the last of his kicks before he "blows his brains out." However, Slade is not alone is this journey. He ends up taking young student Charlie Simms, Slade's Thanksgiving aid, along for the ride. In the next few pages, parts of this film that were accurately and inaccurately portrayed regarding sexuality and explanations for the behaviors presented by the main character, Lieutenant Colonel Frank Slade, in the movie Scent of a Woman will be reviewed.Sexuality as defined on the first day of class is the way we act or behave; our preferences or orientation. Everyone of us has a different view of sexuality in general, in others, and in ourselves. The first time we encounter Lieutenant Colonel Frank Slade we get the impression of a loud-mouthed, crude, old geezer whose only form of entertainment is to brutally insult strangers and talk about women in a politically-incorrect fashion. He's definitely not likable and even scares Charlie a little bit. After a while, we learn his reason for his trip; Slade's going to take himself on "a little tour of pleasures," such as visiting his brother and making love to a nice lady. After that he's going to kill himself. Why anyone would want to do this is very hard to understand.As the movie progresses, we actually start to pity the Colonel. He blinded himself in a stupid grenade-juggling accident, and he desperately needs a woman in his life but feels that with no eyesight he could never find one. He keeps knocking things to do off his list, and as the list gets shorter Charlie keeps watching with growing alarm for Frank's safety. Slade, as I said earlier, comes off as a very bitter man and talks a lot about women very explicitly and provocatively. At first, he comes off as offensive and very chauvinistic. But as the story goes on and Slade begins to open up to Simms, it becomes apparent that Slade's crude and blunt language about women is only his aggressive way of sharing his loneliness and his need to love a woman and wake up next to her in the morning.He describes women in a fashion that shows a true appreciation for the female body, the scent and touch of a woman, and a...

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