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Movie Choice Essay

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In this movie it takes plae in Iran after Betty Mahmoody’s husband has lost his job at the hospital.Moody ( Betty’s husband) has claimed that he was fired because they can find someone who will work for less and they don’t want an Iranian there.They see him as a treat in the hospital so he takes off with his family to his home country Iran.It was only suppose to be a 2 week vacation but it lasted longer than that.Moody was sucked back into his Iranian culture while Betty and their daughter Mahtob wanted to leave there as fast as they could. In this Iranian culture the wife had no parental control and she had to listen to the husband or the man of the house.Going against Moody’s orders she ...view middle of the document...

He helped her by letting her use the phone and then she found a man who make an escape route to get her out.After plans were settled and done Moody would ask her where has she been or take Mahtob and see if she will say where has she been.Betty has never given up hope.Since there wasn't one way that was working for her she found another that did so there was always a way with her determination.
They showed the Iranian culture as one sided and very religious.In Iran women have no say they have to follow their husbands orders or they are a disgrace.That is why Betty and Moody’s family didn’t really agree.When Moody and Betty would fight and argue the family would yell at her for not listening to her husband.She couldn’t even go anywhere without somebody constantly watching.There was always someone keeping an eye on her.Another thing is that if she wanted to leave the country she would have to leave Mahtob.In Iran you can be exectuted for taking the child away from the husband if you are not divorced.Iranian’s are very religious.When returing to Iran Moody has relized that Iran is centralized around their religion.They pray early in the morning and before they go to bed.Bety was even stopped on the road because her bangs were showing.To them every hair showing is a dagger to the heart.So she had to cover her all of her hair when she went anywhere.
THe socail injuice in this movie was women had no rights.THese women presented in the movie couldnt do anything out of their own will they always had to check with their husbands.THis is like sending you hundreds of years back in time.It’s barbaric that men had to make almost every choice for you and tell you when you had to be back.We...

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