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It is very common that we will read a book then go to the theater to see its movie parallel just to find they are totally different. Mary Shelley’s book Frankenstein has been made into three movies which all have their similarities and differences than the book. Although the topic of creating new life is represented in all of the movies other major points of the book are left out or changed. Even though all the movies differ from the book I have noticed that the movies grow closer and closer to the book as the years go by in which they were made.
The 1935 movie The Man Who Made a Monster by James Whale had the same main idea with Frankenstein creating like, but besides that it was ...view middle of the document...

He went to the De’Lacey house just like in the book but unlike the book Agatha was blind and Safie was Hispanic. The creature learned how to talk by hearing Agatha teach Safie English. When the creature killed William he did not do it out of vengeance like the book, instead it was an accident. This film represented the creature better than Whale’s because it showed the good side of the creature, creating a character background that causes sympathy from the audience.
Kenneth Branaugh directed a Frankenstein movie in 1994 which in my opinion is the closes parallel to the book even though it has been changed for entertainment. Frankenstein is given more of a back story with us knowing his mother died-just like the book- only she died of child birth instead of from scarlet fever. Frankenstein does not use lightening in this movie, but uses eels and amniotic fluid instead. This is the only movie where Frankenstein does not have any assistants which it has in common with the book. Also in common with the book is that the creature learned to...

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