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Movie Essay

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1. Ford's "StageCoach" influenced Welles' "Citizen Kane" in many ways. Ford was not one to be shy or scared to take necessary risks to improve the movie itself. Welles himself was one who was familiar with being bold and blazing trails. Welles knew where he wanted to go with the movie, and it was a very bold move to make a movie showing and almost dark side to the most powerful businessman in the United States. That was bold, just as bold as Ford making a movie where the so-called "Bad Guy" comes out ahead in the end. Both movies took bold necessary actions to become the great movies they are.2. The things that made Citizen Kane standout as an innovative film were what made Citizen Kane possibly the best Movie ever. Citizen Kane invented so many film techniques. It was not only the techniques that brought Citizen Kane the successes. Orson Welles I believe had something to do with the success. Orson Welles brilliance just shone throughout the entire movie. The approach the movie had to setting up angles for scenes and shots was original as they come. I truly believe without Orson Welles, Citizen Kane the story itself would not of been even as close to a successes as it turned out to be. A shot that stands out is when Welles is pacing in front of his fireplace, the wide angled, open shot was a shot that soon became a essential part of filming great movies. Another element that lifted Citizen Kane to it successes, was Welles in his twenty's at the time, played a character more than double his age. The whole performance...

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735 words - 3 pages The Movie “Radio” is said to be based on a true story, and although most of the story was true, there were quite a lot of differences between the movie and real life events. There were changes that had to be made simply because of the time period that the movie was set in. There were things that had to be left out or condensed in order to keep the story short enough to make it into a film. There were also events added that did not actually

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640 words - 3 pages sustainable. When Father Damien touched the sick in the movie by hugging them and blessing them.Father Damien built 6 chapels, he built a boys and a girls home he also set mass every morning and he listened to confessions.He gave did these things for the lepers to make the island a civilized community not a waste and dumping ground for sick people he helped and made these recourses for the enjoyment for the Molokai community. All through the film he set

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1123 words - 4 pages The movie "The Dead Poets Society" is about a group of private school boys in the North East. They encounter a teacher, Mr. Keating, whom is a little different than most teachers. He wanted to instill the motivation to look past what society was telling them to do rather than teach the normal curriculum. He used Thoreau's ideas on transcendentalism by showing them to transcend or go beyond the rules that society poses and create their own

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2946 words - 12 pages Imagine a near perfect functional state where virtually everything knew your personal information, the streets are filled with laughter, smiles and murder is known to be non-existent. Minority Report, one of Steven Spielberg's most popular films shows the viewers a near perfect utopian state where all crime has been eliminated. There is an evident observation in the movie that depicts the way people behave and act. No doubt there is a large

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1724 words - 7 pages A Clockwork Orange A Movie Analysis      In 1962, Anthony Burgess' novel A Clockwork Orange was published for the first time. This novel was an anti-utopian fable about the near future, where teenage gangs habitually terrorize the inhabitants of a shabby metropolis. The novel deals with the main focus that man is a sinner but not sufficiently a sinner to deserve the calamities that are heaped upon him. It is a comic novel about a man's

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