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Paranormal Activity Movie Essay
In this essay I will analyze the movie paranormal activity 2 on the basis of theory of genre. In the movie Paranormal Activity 2 the name speaks the genre itself; paranormal activities were never proved as they are supernatural and cannot be proved. Paranormal means not in accordance with scientific laws, unnatural or something which is not normal (Coraor, 2008).
The movie paranormal activity 2 was directed by Tod Williams and written by Oren Peli who has been a writer and director in lots of films. He has always been more interested in writing horror and documentary. Paranormal activity 2 is a remake of the movie paranormal activity in 2007 which was written and directed by Oren Peli. The same storyline has been used to remake this movie (Doc Films, 2007). The actors have the same name as the characters in the movie, Katie and Micah, These actors were not celebrities, and they are plotted in the movie to give a generalized and realistic feel. There is..., no supervening celebrity identity, no star persona, to yank us out of the fiction, to remind us simply by gravitational necessity that there must be a reality outside the fiction (Rehak, 2010).
In the story of the movie we see there is a couple. Micah and Katie who just moved into stay together in San Diego. Starting from the first day Katie notices some spooky things happening in their house when they sleep. Micah takes it as if Katie is just joking, but when he himself notices weird things happening in their house, he buys a handy camera to know what happens when they go to sleep. The very first night he doesn’t t get anything in the recording but on the second day he perceives that the door opened itself at 03:00 A.M when they were asleep. He sets the camera on recording every night and observes new things happening every night, but on a random night he noticed Katie got up, stood by the door for 3 hours then went back to bed. The things kept happening in their house and finally Katie decided to call a demonologist, who wasn’t able to help them. In the end of the film there is a scene in which Katie wakes up and goes down to the lounge, and just after a few seconds she screams, Micah runs down and notices that Katie was overruled by the evil and in the last scene she hits Micah on the camera, the hit was so quick that it actually fills the viewer with more fear. Micah dies and Katie went missing (Bundy, 2009), (Follett, 2009).
There are some major horror elements noticed in the movie which proves the horror genre approach. Firstly I will discuss the sounds in the movie. In the movie audio is the major element. There are lots of different sounds which relate it to the horror genre. These sounds are used for creating real time feelings. The sounds used in movies for special effects or dubbing are called Foleys. Foleys used in this movie are hitting sounds, heavy footsteps, screaming, musical cues and some classical horror music. The footsteps and other...

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