Video Games: A Rising Instigator Essay

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Since the dawn of the video game era more and more people have become interested in games. The growing population has also become of younger in age as games have become simpler to play. At the same time, games have become more graphic with advances in technology. Most of today's kids are exposed to games everyday, whether it's at home, school, or around the community in advertisements. Many of today's games include violence and weapons used to kill each other, or others on the game. Since these types of games were introduced violence among young kids has increased. In this paper we will 1) define the problem more in depth and show the extent of the problem around the community and 2) explore possible solutions and the best possible solution to the problem of increasingly bad behavior in kids due to violent video games.
Video games have been around for many years and violent video games have become increasingly popular, especially to kids in their adolescent years. Along with the increased popularity of video games, violence has also increased.
Mary Bellis, on Computer and Video Game History, said that the first computer game ever made was in 1952, by A.S Douglas. It was a computer game called Tic-Tac-Toe that was a basic graphical game. The first recorded video game played was in 1958 called Tennis for Two created by William Higinbotham. In 1971 a game called Computer Space was the first buyable video game on the market and was commercially advertised. The first recorded game console ever made was created by Ralph Baer called the Odyssey which was released in 1972 but originally made in 1966. There were twelve games programmed to the gaming system. These inventions in history were the start to gaming throughout the whole United States and World.
Video games have developed and evolved since the start of video games from decade to decade. The History of video games on said “video games diverged into different platforms: arcade, mainframe, console, personal computer and later hand held games.” They have ranged from the different decades starting with the 1950 and 1960’s said and During this time computer games were developed with better quality and complexity. In the 1970’s there were first and second generation consoles and more graphical computer games. During the 1980’s period there were handheld gaming systems, online computer gaming, and third generation consoles. In the 1990’s there were mobile phone gaming, better quality hand held games, 3D graphics, and fourth and fifth generation consoles. During the 2000’s and up to the present, which what we live in today, have the most advance technological gaming systems ever before. This generation has advanced mobile games, computer games with online access, sixth and now today seventh generation consoles.
Violent video games have taken over the gaming systems in the seventh generation. They have had a bad influence on children...

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