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Video Games: America's Controversy. Essay

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The videogame industry has grown quite a bit since 'Pong' hit American homes back in 1975, leading America into the age of technology and gaming. Today wars are being raged on two sides of a growing debate: Are videogames corrupting today's youth with excessive violence and inappropriate content? There are few who deny that videogames have had a dramatic affect on American culture, but there are those who combat this theory. Video games do not create violent people. With a rising number of 'gamers' in the U.S. today, there are bound to be speculation and important being raised. However, research shows that more than 60 percent of Americans play some form of interactive game on a regular basis ( ). If there is so much game play, shouldn't there be more violence in relation to it? If so, the society in this country has only one group to blame, ourselves. America has been taken in by media propaganda; constantly bashing video games and targeting things like the music industry and celebrities for issues pertaining to today children. Violence in today's video games are not directly influencing today's youth. To seek violence one must already enjoy it [violence] in some manner, or we'd all be renting Nintendogs or Barbie Horse Adventures. Video games are letting the youth of today work out their aggression, only violent people do these violent acts, and now these video games are turning into simulations to better the world we live in - instead of just blowing it up.The factual definition of a 'Video game' is: An Electronic or computerized game played by manipulating images on a video display or television screen (as stated in Since the creation of the first video game ever created (Tennis for Two), by Physicist Wiginbotham, in 1958 (As stated in Kudler), this facile definition has warped into a expanse of controversy and debate. Is it merely a game - a societal fad that will fade just as the Furby and Tickle-Me-Elmo have? IS it even worthy of public concern and discussion? Parents across the country say yes, growing more and more outraged at the steps - or lack thereof - being taken. They blame ultra-violent games such as, "Grand Theft Auto: San Andres" (released last October) for the violent actions of teens and younger kids today. This game, set in modern san San Andreas, California, leading the user through his life as he seeks revenge for his murdered mother; along the way dealing with drugs, toting weapons, fighting with gangs, and beating prostitutes. It was no surprise when parents in San Francisco banded together attempting to force the game to be recalled (As stated in Reuters). But others disagree, stating that video-games are actually helping kids make their way through their aggression, and even increasing their intelligence (As stated in Stonehouse). '" This generation - the gaming generation - is the least violent generation of kids in the last 50 years," say Steven Johnson, the best-selling, New York writer behind the...

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