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Video Games And Violence Essay

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Thesis: Being the “lame” parent is not a bad thing.
I. Ratings are there to protect children and adolescents.
a. The rating of videos games are given by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB).
b. The ratings protect children and adolescents from seeing and hearing what they do not need to hear or see.
c. . Games can be very violent and inappropriate for children or adolescents that are too young for the age limit that is recommend by the Entertainment Software Rating Board.
II. Children and adolescents behavior changes over time while playing video games.
a. Adults continue to look over their children and adolescents bad behavior.
b. Children and adolescents remain to become progressively worse as they play violent video games.
c. Adolescents will make rude comments trying to hurt the other persons feeling.
d. This will cause the other child to lash out and comment back.
e. Many children and adolescents who become addicted to video games all so become socially awkward, not only with other children but with their own family.
f. Some adolescents that are addicted to playing video games become hard to talk too.
III. Videos games affect not only behavior but school and school work.
a. Playing video games can cause a child’s grades start to fall and sooner or later fail.
b. Many teachers have trouble getting it though a child’s mind that school is more important than the video games.
c. Parents should become aware of how much a child is playing a video game and aware of the child’s grades.
d. It is not only important to watching how much a child or adolescent plays.
e. Even though by the teens sophomore or junior year they are of age to play “M”(mature) rated games.
f. Parents should monitor how much the teen plays too.
IV. Parents and adults should watch children and adolescents while playing video games especially when it comes to violent video games.
a. So, being the “lame” parent is not a bad thing.
b. Start paying attention to the rating on the back they are important they are there for a reason.
c. Watch for behavior changes over a period of a time. Parents should pay attention to arguments between their children instead of jumping to conclusions.
d. Grades and school are important, pay close attention too.
e. Video game addiction does not just affect children but adults too.
f. We all should be “lame” parents together.

Violence Here We Come

It’s every parent’s nightmare; a new video game just came out with an “M” (mature) rating. There’s the “cool” parent that buys the video game. Then, the “lame” parent who won’t buy the game because it is violent. There are cons to the video game world. Ratings are there to protect children and adolescents. Children and adolescents behavior changes over time while playing video games. Videos games affect not only behavior but school and school work. Being the “lame” parent is not a bad thing.

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