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Video Games: Beneficial Or Harmful Essay

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Today's technological society consists of mass media, instant communication, and an infinite multitude of entertainment. Video games are mainly described under the last category, entertainment. Gaming is enjoyed by all ages whether it be a child in elementary school or a well-grown adult in their 40's. Genres of video games range from drama to action, to mystery, to puzzle, and the list just goes on forever—much like how movies and novels are. Margaret Rouse from defines gaming as the "the running of specialized applications known as electronic games, especially on machines designed for such programs." A person who indulges into the video game industry is basically a "gamer" (Rouse). However, the general public has a very biased view of what gaming actually is; instead of viewing video games as a form of entertainment to be enjoyed by any individual, the general public views video games as a distraction or better yet, a waste of time. On the contrary, gaming can also be beneficial to the individual because gaming can provide not just intellectual aspects but also emotional/physical aspects. It is true that gaming also nurtures potentially negative aspects, but personally, I strongly believe that the benefits of gaming outweigh the negative aspects conceived by the public.
The history of video games traces back to the early 1970's when the United States was under pressure from the issues concerning the Vietnam War, and it is also the time period where people were favoring outlandish, extravagant clothing styles. In the midst of all of this chaos, a game known as Pong (this title eventually became to be known as Ping-Pong) was released by 29 year-old Nolan Bushnell and his company, Atari (Hansen). Pong was a simple arcade video game that simulated table-tennis, where the objective of the player was to basically get a higher score than the opponent. Pong was truly a "pong heard round the world" because it is widely regarded as the world's first commercially, successful video game (The Sweet Pong of Success). This arcade game sparked the birth of the video game industry by bringing video games into bars and movie theater lobbies. Despite Pong being very successful, this gaming technology was relatively new to the business world. Several manufacturers and developers failed to commercially bring video games into the business world because of poor game design and technical issues. It wasn't until one of the most iconic, revolutionary video game mascots shined light into the dying industry of video games, an Italian plumber named "Mario." Mario was created by a gaming company called Nintendo, founded by Fusajiro Yamauchi (Jones). Mario was created by Nintendo video game designer, Shigeru Miyamoto in 1981, otherwise known as the "Golden Age of Video Games." In this era of video games, the industry was booming with new innovative ideas and better game designs. This era laid the groundwork for attracting a wide range of consumers on a...

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