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For the past twenty years, whenever there has been a shooting of any kind, committed by a young male, people have blamed video games. They say that video games make people violent. But that isn’t true. Video games may make people violent while playing them, but that violence never leads any further than yelling at the television screen. Video games should not be put down. In fact, video games help people better their motor skills, the military uses video games for training exercises, and a lot of people use video games to relieve stress.
A lot of people view video games as being bad and say that they rot your brain and cause violence, but research shows that they can indeed help you. Video games have been shown to help with hand-eye coordination. You better hope that if you’re having a procedure done that your surgeon plays video games. They found that if a surgeon plays video games they make 37% fewer mistakes, were 20% faster, scored 42% better on laparoscopic surgery (laparoscopic surgery is when a small incision is made in the abdomen instead of a big one to perform surgery) and suturing drills than those surgeons who never played video games (Hampton). A study conducted in a Florida hospital showed that physicians who played video games for six minutes before performing virtual surgery improved their patient outcome results. A surgeon at the hospital conducted an experiment in which there were 300 surgeons participating. 150 of them played video games for six minutes before performing virtual surgery and the other 150 surgeons did not. The surgeons who played the video games before surgery scored higher than the surgeons who didn’t play them. Now thanks to that study the hospital’s surgeon’s lounge now includes a gaming lounge so that surgeons can “warm-up” with some video games before they go perform (Fleming). It may not seem like a lot, but when your job counts on precision it is. Video games save lives.
Assistant professor of psychology and computer science Paul Schrater says that video games help people with your motor skills and hand-eye coordination. He says that you are more likely to learn things and develop skills if you’re having fun and in an exciting environment rather than in a boring and slow one. If you do repetitive things that get boring after a while you stop learning because you’re not excited anymore. Schrater has found that violent video games actually help you better develop these skills than non-violent games such as Tetris or Pac-Man. Schrater believes that once the secret to perceptual learning is identified, it could help train surgeons and pilots more quickly (Henry).
An iPhone app known as Touch Surgery “The Guardian” says that it’s a video game that’ll improve a surgeon’s decision making skills and technical skills. The app allows you to go through and learn the steps to twelve different surgeries and it helps the people recognize risks such as nerves and arteries to avoid. This little iPhone app doesn’t...

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