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Video Games: Virtual Or Harmful Essay

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From Italian plumbers to soldiers fighting an endless war, the world of video games is a seemingly infinite world full of possibilities to play through for a child. However, what happens when the characters become an influence, or a role model, to that child and they are unconsciously addicted to the content these games provide. In other words, what happens when the violence, language, and attitudes bolster these behaviors outside of the game and become a part of his or her reality? “video games are designed to be incredibly engaging and 'fun', often leading to children to sleep in a 'flow state' in which they may be at increased susceptibility to the messages of the game.” (“Congressional”). Overall, video games are detrimental in their impacts due to their violent content, which invokes aggression and bad behavior, and their immersive gameplay, which draws kids in, causes an unhealthy addiction, and results in a decline in everyday necessities.
It is unreal to think that a child could overplay a video game designed for fun and become consumed and eventually harmed by them. Unlike other social media, “The interactive quality of video games differs from passively viewing television or movies because it allows players to become active participants in the game's script.” (“Norcia-Impact”). Most games are created to contain certain features which draw players back once they have experienced it, which results in the beginning of a new addiction. Games obtained this feature by allowing players to “be” the character in a sense and providing them certain objectives to perform, such as doing quests as a vengeful warrior lasting for hours on end or the never ending soldiers of war between friends, or random people met online, the engaging priorities captivate the player. Moreover, children, and other gamers alike, are consumed in the game no matter violent or graphic content portrayed by it due to the interest and immersion of their minds into a game. As a result, children are more susceptible to the harmful effects of the fast paced and consistent gaming. From the crunching hours of using their hands, eyes, and other muscles, as well as their brain, children develop unhealthy habits, reactions, and disorders.
No parent, nor the child themselves, wants to experience the critical side effects of the fixation to a virtual world. The critical side effects from “video-induced seizures and postural, muscular and skeletal disorders, such as tendonitis, nerve compression, carpal tunnel syndrome.” are beyond detrimental to a boy or girl’s future because it could incapacitate them from obtaining a certain job or goal later in life. Moreover, if a child's disorder is not only physical, such as ADD, ADHD, or any other mental disorder formed as a result of excessive playing, they could be judged and or mocked due to their social awareness being impaired. An emotional issue, however, is also a serious effect of his or her addiction since it can cause them...

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