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Movie Of The Day After Tomorrow

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LT2-03 Chia Ling Tsou

LT2-03 Chia Ling Tsou

Mrs. Xerakias 4/ 12/ 10


The movie "THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW" is a movie based on the idea of global warming. This movie is between love, family affection, and the people face the challenge of natural disaster. THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW is the most splendid movie in ...view middle of the document...

Accompany with the technology developed, the pollution become more and more, and ozonosphere being destroying more serious. Because of for our convenience, we use too many pollutants, and which destroy our beautiful earth, environment, and the animals. The movie shows many scenes that would become real if we continue destroying the earth.

THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW is the most popular movie in decade. It gives us an idea that we shouldn't do thing that we want to do until the last moment, it makes people to think which the most important thing in our life is, because you will never know where the tomorrow is.

THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW is an attractive movie; it attracts large moviegoers, because it has excited people's mind, touching story. And once you have watched this movie, you would be unable to stop watching it even though you want to, therefore people should watch this movie otherwise they would feel regret.

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