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Video On Demand Essay

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SCOPEVideo on demand has evolved as a major implementation problem for network integrators. Clients want the ability to retrieve and view stored video files asynchronously at near broadcast quality, on a local host. Some problems integrators face to achieve this goal include: video content preparation, server storage, network throughput, latency, client interfaces, quality of service, and cost. This paper addresses the design considerations for a private video on demand implementation.INTRODUCTIONThe Initiative for Worldwide Multimedia Teleconferencing and Video Server StandardsThe market for multipoint multimedia teleconferencing and video server equipment is poised for explosive growth. The technology for this necessary and much-anticipated business tool has been in development for years. By the turn of the century, teleconferences that include any combination of video, audio, data, and graphics will be standard business practice.Compliance with teleconferencing standards will create compatible solutions from competing manufacturers, feeding the market with a variety of products that work together as smoothly as standard telephone products do today. Specifically, with the adoption of International Telecommunications Union (ITU) recommendations T.120, H.320 and H261, multimedia teleconferencing equipment manufacturers, developers, and service providers will have a basic established connectivity protocol upon which they can build products, applications, and services that will change the face of business communications.New Business ImperativesVoice on Demand systems are starting to be required by commercial, industrial, governmental and military associations to retrieve past information in order to prepare and anticipate future events. This preparation and anticipation can be crucial to the survival of these industries because of the key roll of the individuals or groups being monitored. It is this monitoring and collection of data that allows these organizations to make informed decisions and to take the appropriate action to current events.Multipoint multimedia teleconferencing and video servers offer the required solution. As defined here, it involves a user-specified mix of traditional voice, motion video, and still-image information in the same session. The images can be documents, spreadsheets, simple hand-written drawings, highly-detailed color schematics, photographs or video clips. Participants can access the same image at the same time, including any changes or comments on that image that are entered by other participants. Video servers allow users to view stored video files of specific events, conferences, news clips and important information in near realtime.The benefits are obvious. Instead of text interpretation of a video clip, all interested parties can access the information. Little is left to verbal interpretation since all users have access to the original video. In the case of video clips, a persons actions, verbal tones,...

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