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In both films “Warrior Champions: From Baghdad to Beijing” and “Darius Goes West” showed the lives of different individuals overcoming their physical disabilities through recreation. In “Warrior Champions” the film focuses on four Iraq War Veterans and their journeys to the Paralympic Games in Beijing. Although facing many obstacles along the way, three out of the four veterans were given a chance to participate in the games to represent American Soldiers. In “Darius Goes West” the main character Darius suffers from Muscular Dystrophy which has made him rely on a wheelchair to get around. Darius and a group of his friends decide to make a road trip with plenty of stops on the way from Georgia all the way to California to get Darius’s wheelchair pimped out by MTV show “Pimp My Ride”. Both of these films showed the daily struggles that people with disabilities encountered but also the great amount of joy that comes from recreational activities.
In Warrior Champions while many things stood in the way of their dreams to becoming a Paralympian, the war veterans also had great support to accomplish their dreams. One thing that helped the soldiers recover from their injuries was Ward 57 of Walter Reed Army Medical center. There Soldiers are able to receive physical therapy and medical attention for them to be able to recover faster but in a safe matter. With the help of the Walter Reed Medical center they are able to adjust to their disabilities and be able to support themselves. From there is where the Soldiers had to find motivation to be able to transition back into an active lifestyle. Some of the Soldiers displayed doubt when being told that they would still be able to play sports they once loved to participate in before. That’s where Paralympic athletes like Melissa Stockwell and Scott Winkler come in to assure them that they can become active again in sports because they are living examples of just that. When preparing for the Paralympics each of the four Soldiers trained vigorously everyday. Some days were better then others but the support from their family members as well as a duty to represent American Soldiers in the best way was what motivated each person to keep going.
Along with these positive support systems came obstacles. Although it was not seen in the 4 athletes presented in the film, one of the main situations that hindered Soldiers to recovering from their injuries was depression. Many of the Soldiers experienced great sadness that they now had to face life with a disability. They were convinced that they would not be able to live a happy life because they now had something that was holding them back from doing simple everyday tasks. It was hard for them to adjust to the disability in that not everywhere they go is handicap accessible which made some tasks difficult for these injured military service members. Most of the members did not have the motivation or did not think it was possible for them to...

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