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In the 2002 movie release of My Big Fat Greek Wedding, the writer Nia Vardalos, director Joel Zwick and producer Tom Hanks, tell the story of a real life scenario that is increasing in our ever diverse world. Vardalos, basing the movie on her real life marriage, gives the audience an inside view as to what goes on inside an interfaith marriage and how to make it work. Yet in today's society, the typical view of a marriage is seen as either a fairy tale or ball and chain. However, after watching this movie, we can see that My Big Fat Greek Wedding is a great tribute to marriage showing that family is a part of marriage, men and women have their respective roles, and most of all a marriage takes work.My Big Fat Greek Wedding follows the romance of Toula and Ian from first meeting to their wedding. Toula Portokalos, a thirty year old Greek woman living with her very traditional Greek family in Chicago, who still has not fulfilled her Greek family's expectations to marry a nice Greek boy, make Greek babies, and feed everybody until the day she dies. Toula dreams of more, but feels constrained by her family traditions and her father's smothering love. Toula has her mother, Maria, convince her father, Gus, to allow her to attend school to brush up on her computer skills and she is able to escape being a seating hostess at the family restaurant by working in her aunt's travel agency store. Things change, when Toula meets Ian, for the second time, and is swept off her feet by a man who is everything she could hope for, except he is not Greek. Toula and Ian's relationship quickly blooms, until Toula's very large and close-knit Greek family finds out about the relationship and demand it end, but with convincing they are able to see that Ian is willing to do whatever it takes, even converting to the Greek Orthodox Church and being baptized, to be with Toula and a part of their family. Throughout their engagement Toula's family dictates in every detail of the wedding and marriage, ranging from the choice of bride's maids dresses, wedding invitations, to the place the couple will wed and live. On the opposite spectrum, there is Ian's family who agree to whatever makes their son happy. In the end, Toula has fulfilled her expectations from her family with the exception of marrying a non-Greek man.One of the aspects of marriage My Big Fat Greek Wedding shows is that family is a part of marriage. When two people decide in a union of marriage there is always more to it than just the two people, there is the family. As individuals we are connected to our roots and background that has molded us into what we are today and this is our family, something that we can not escape. In Toula's case she was controlled by her family in all aspects of her life, from working to relationships. Toula rebelled against the traditions of her roots and dated and married a non-Greek man. This made conflicts develop between Toula and her parents, Ian and Toula's parents and created a...

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