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In 2009 producers and writers Pete Docter, Bob Peterson and others created a Disney Pixar movie named “Up”. With the main characters voice actors being “Edward Asner” as Carl Fredricksen, and “Jordan Nagai” as Russell the movie starts off with young Carl idolizing an adventurer named Charles Muntz voiced by “Christopher Plummer”. Wanting to become an adventurer himself Carl stumbles upon a home where he soon meets a young spirited adventure much like himself named Ellie. Ellies shows Carl her Adventurer Journal and within minutes Ellie and Carl make a club and swore to one day get to paradise falls. Over the years both Carl and Ellie get married having the average marriage in a church ...view middle of the document...

But carl still grieving over his lost love Ellie wouldn't’ dare leave his home of his own free will. Within a few more minutes Russell shows up, the short pudgy Asian kid with a boy scout uniform as a wilderness explorer trying to get his “helping the elderly badge”. Of course at this time Carl was still in shock by the death of his wife and instead of giving up he decided to bring their home to their dream area by filling thousands of balloons with helium and attaching them to his house and not knowing that Russell was on his porch was forced to bring him along. In their travels Russell's befriends an exotic bird which he names Kevin and a dog named dug which belongs to Charles Carl's childhood hero whom began to go insane and obsessed with finding the exotic bird and going as far as trying to blackmail Carl using his beloved home Ellie to get the bird and trying to kill the two protagonist. But as every childhood movie the protagonist always reveals and learns a new purpose in life, Carl is no different towards the beginning Carl was bitter and sad because his love died and didn't know how to coop with his feelings so he felt as though the only way to make Ellies final dreams come true was to go to paradise falls and live on their dream ledge for the rest of his days. Of course when he met Russell he thought that he was a nuisance but useful since he couldn't weigh his house down on his own. The...

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