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Film Analysis Of Big Sleep And A Soldiers Story

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Color versus Black-and-White in FilmHUM150June 7, 2010Color versus Black-and-White in FilmLearning Team A elected to analyze The Big Sleep in black and white film and A Soldier's Story in color. The team's main objective was to compare the similarities and contrast in the following areas: primary focus, contribution to expression, photographic techniques, atmosphere, cinematic moment, characterization, editing, transition, moral, and director's intent.Primary Focus and RankingThe primary focus of The Big Sleep was the characters, followed (in order) by the plot, style, and ideas. The characters in this film had very specific behaviors that emphasized their moral standing. Phillip Marlowe, the detective, has an ambiguous outlook regarding vices. For example, the behavior of Carmen, the promiscuous younger daughter of General Sternwood, disgusted Marlowe. Marlowe does not hide his distaste for Carmen's immoral behavior, yet he has no qualms about his own drinking and womanizing. Vivian, Carmen's older sister, is portrayed as a rather shrewd woman who is a compulsive gambler and tells many lies. Marlowe is attracted to Vivian despite, or perhaps because of, her faults. Characters in The Big Sleep include killers, gamblers, homosexuals, a nymphomaniac, blackmailers, and cheaters. The wide range of unacceptable behaviors manifested by the various characters is the focus of this 1946 movie.The primary focus of A Soldier's Story was the idea, followed (in order) by the characters, plot, and style. The idea of the film focused on the racial prejudice during the period in which the film was set. In the mid-1940s in the deep South, bigotry was commonplace. Little was done to hide the prejudices of the Black man, and most Black men stuck together-which could have been out of a need for safety more than a sense of loyalty. The ideas, mindsets, of the characters showed the pervasive attitude and cultural differences among the Black enlisted men and the White officers. Upon seeing Captain Davenport the reaction was generally shock. No one had seen a Black officer before. Although some boundaries were lifting, the ideas represented in the film showed how segregation and bigotry were prevalent in attitudes and treatment of Black people.Overriding PurposeIn the beginning of filmmaking, black, white, and shades of gray were all they had to work with. Classic movies are not classic because they are older. They are classic because they were successful in their attempt to tell a page out of the human experience. Without color, The Big Sleep could allow the viewer to focus more on the "bare bones" of the picture. The effect was that the film was a bit simpler with sharper contrasts between the good and the bad, so to speak. The characters of The Big Sleep involved in the most devious acts happened to wear dark colors in the backdrop of night and turbulent weather. Whenever filmmakers choose to use black-and-white...

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