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Movie Review Of Renaissance Man, And Analysis From An Educational Point Of View

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Renaissance ManAfter viewing the over all movie, from an educational point of view, the student were not the only ones to learn from this class. Danny De vito, an unemployed advertising executive, after much seeking, can only find work teaching inferior army recruits. After seeing his students, he becomes somewhat perplexed as to what to teach them. After conversing with his army recruits, he decides to teach them Shakespeare's ...view middle of the document...

Those, whom he once thought of as hopeless students, become eager students as teacher learns to interpret the play for them into a language they can understand.But as a teacher, De vito learns the hard lesson that he cannot always help all his students. As he tries to point out and advance a particularly bright student, he instead ends up picking him out to be arrested as a drug dealer.As the shadow falls over his class from the loss of one student in a small group, he still manages to motivate them to have his entire student pass his class.Not only does De Vito challenge his students, but also he simplifies the lesson into terms that his students can understand. The students, now being able to understand the lesson, become eager to learn, changing their previous views of the subject matter.This movie highlights the point of both teacher's and student's point of view of the subject matter. Both start out wit attitudes, but that changes. The people on either sides of the desk motivate each other, and despite that you may not be able to salvage from everyone of your pupils what you may expect, it doesn't mean that you cannot make a difference, be you teacher, or taught.

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