Movie Theater Review: Sometimes The Nachos Break The Deal

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A movie theatre is a transporting place, not just a box in the middle of the living room, but a big window to another world. That world can take an infinite number of forms, from the dimly real to the outright fantastical. We walk into the cinema and sit down and let that large screen take us away. A movie theatre is a place of comfort. A home away from home where we do not need to worry. There’s no need to fiddle about with home amenities. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the show. A movie theatre is a crucible of distraction and annoyance. Just as we share our experiences with each other, we also share our worse quality. The mess, the talking, the cell phones. These are on the one hand bad things, but they remind us of each other. Just as the subtle scratches on a piece of projected celluloid can be a comfort, so can the flaws of the people around us. I’d sooner be in a full movie theatre with a couple of annoying patrons but the audience being mostly as one, than sit alone in a dark auditorium with nobody to share my experience. With that being said, the movie theater that you patron can play a huge role in how great or not so great your experience is. I have been too many theaters in my life and have become very particular in the types of theaters I enjoy. I am amazed at the difference between small town cinemas versus a larger city theater and almost always prefer the larger theater for many reasons.
The closest movie theater to my home in Centerview is about twelve miles away, located in Warrensburg, Missouri. Located on the edge of an already small town, the bleak and seemingly lifeless theater sits in what appears to be a field next to a dying shopping center. Walking up to the doors of Carmike 10, I typically find that no one is occupying the ticket booth and I must proceed to the concession stand to buy my tickets. Carmike generally only plays the most mainstream films so their available movie titles is about half that of bigger theaters thanks to 3D. Once a new movie is released there is about two weeks for it to be seen before it’s out of there! For a person that has a busy schedule and requires many options for start times, this is not the theater to attend. Most of the movies playing only have 3 show times, with none starting prior to four in the afternoon, with the latest showing typically running around ten at night. The ticket prices vary depending on age ranging from $5.50 to $12.00 which actually seems pretty decent when compared to some of the bigger theaters.
For $15.00 I can get a plastic popcorn bucket that can be refilled cheaper when I bring it back. The price difference doesn’t seem to matter much anymore after tasting the concession goodies. One of the things I enjoy the most when going to the theater is the movie nachos! I usually get an extra cup of cheese and the largest helping of jalapenos the concession stand will allow. Having bad concession foods can totally ruin my movie going experience. Every time I have...

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