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Movies Essay

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ENGLISH-SUBTITLED VIDEOSHELP TO ENHANCE STUDENTS' LANGUAGE SKILLSAbstractIn today's global world, the importance of English can not be denied and ignored since English is the most common language spoken everywhere. However, it has been found that students are struggling in understanding the significance of the language and this leads to motivational decreases. For years, the educators have been finding ways and materials to make English learning for students more enjoyable. One of the methods that has been commonly practised by them is by using subtitled video materials to teach English. In line with this view, this research aims at discovering the effectiveness of exposure to subtitled video materials on improving the language proficiency of students. The findings show that videos-watching is a great source of language input for teaching purposes. A few reccommendations are mentioned as to improve the future findings.INTRODUCTIONBackgroundOne of the most popular leisure pursuits among people is watching movies or any videos, and students are no exception. Videos are sequences of consecutive pictures of objects photographed in motion by a specially designed camera and displayed on a screen by a projection in rapid succession as to give the illusion of natural movement.With the advance of technology, the alternatives of how one can watch movies becomes wide. Subtitles were first seen in 1903 as epic, descriptive titles in Edwin S. Porter's Uncle Tom's Cabin (Jan Ivarsson). It is called for assisting comprehension and language acquisition. While its idea of invention is to act as a source of entertainment, some believe that watching captioned videos do help in enhancing their language skills. However, there is not enough evidence at this point to conclude that this way is effective. More in-depth studies are needed to confirm this view.Statement of ProblemMany educators undervalued the usage of captions or subtitles to assist the understanding of video materials. However, some of them were convinced that subtitled television programs seem to be able to facilitate the development of one's language skill (Danan, 2004). They believe that watching video materials with captions will likely to familiarize someone with the target language. Thus, the educators prefer their students to implement this method in their process of studying in order to increase their proficiency in the language skills. However, the gain of language among students who use English-subtitled video materials in language learning is still unsure.Purpose of the StudyThis study aims to find out whether subtitled video helps to enhance students' language skills.Objectives of the StudyTo inspect whether the method of videos-watching in learning process helps to increase students' motivationTo identify whether the students prefer to watch subtitled or non-subtitled video materialsTo investigate the students' development of language skills when watching subtitled videosResearch QuestionsIn...

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