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Movies Are Phenomenal Essay

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Movies may be put out fast or slow but they always take in an excess of a year at minimum – many take two years or even four years. All movies are put into a process that all movies go into, some take longer than others and end up more worthwhile in the end. Often times, the organization whether it is Warner Bros or Disney may pick a director before a producer or vice-versa but never before anything else; the budget is usually estimated and agreed upon when hiring or before. Generally, the producer has more power than the director whom ends up vetoing the last minute choices of the director in the script, casting, and even the scenery but it doesn’t happen that often as the director envisions the movie and it is the job of the director to make it occur.
After the director and producer sign onto the project, the next job is the hiring of the plot writers. The director approves or disapproves what they write and make them make the necessary changes – they may fire some or hire some more but at the end, the director picks the script or even in some cases, they write the script. After the script is complete, the budget yet again is evaluated and fixed upon the seeing the script or the script is fixed to accommodate the budget. A sample of the official script is given to those who decide to cast for specific characters in which the director and producer must evaluate them to see if they would fit the role – sometimes they don’t even give auditions given that some have a high reputation already – and when it is complete or rather during casting, locations and scenery are being made and the animators are chosen if required.
Most movies today contain a bit of CGI (Computer Generated Images) to create effects such as magic, explosions, dinosaurs, background, et cetera. Some movies like Jurassic Park only used a bit of CGI to create dinosaurs as they combine CGI and mechanized robots in order to make greater effect that is definitely more believable. (Jaws did this with their sharks) These movies still hold up due to the combined effort of CGI and the robotics used even after an excess of 20 years both. After casting and the completion of the script and all necessary...

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