Movies As A Distraction During The Great Depression

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During The Great Depression films were an upright distraction for people in the 1930’s. Some examples of films are, “Public Enemy,” released in 1931, “Gold Diggers,” in 1933, next was “Modern Times,” 1936, lastly was “Room Service,” released in 1938. These films all served as a distraction of The Great Depression for people, and also showed what it was like during the time in some different ways. For example, the treatment of women was portrayed in some of these films. My opinion on how women were portrayed in some is that they were treated poorly based on some things in the move “Gold Diggers.” For example, it was harder for women to find a job than it was for men. In the movie, three singers from a Broadway show, Carol, Polly and Trixie, cannot seem to find a job in the beginning. Also Roger sings the song “We’re In the Money” in pig Latin. The chorus of this song shows the girls sex appeal as a way to earn money. Also their costumes had coins on their bodies symbolizing money. They also show Trixie going for the rich lawyer “fanny” which could show women just go after guys for their money. All the “gold diggers” end up married to wealthy men in the end except fay. In “Modern Times” Charlie Chaplin wrote and directed the movie that is showing women can’t do a man’s job. It is also showing they couldn’t direct a film because no women directed any of these films, and Charlie did both, produced and directed. One of the leading roles was played by Paulette Goddard, who spends time as his wife, and that is the only women involved in the movie. All the roles go to men, which is sexist to have a movie with one woman. In the movie “Room Service” it has a different approach, Lucille ball is a partner and she has an actual job in the movie, not just a stay at home woman. Ann Miller, however, was the opposite in the movie. She seemed like she would just get married and be content with being a stay at home woman. In the film public enemy, the characters Matt and Tom acquire girlfriends. Their names are Kitty and Mamie respectively. Tom gets tired of Kitty eventually because she complains too much, so he decided to shove a grapefruit in her face. That is wrong in my opinion to do to anyone and especially to a woman. That makes it look like women complain and men are allowed to do whatever they please to them when they tire of them. Furthermore, he than leaves the girl for a different new girl, Gwen...

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