Transferring A Wheelchair Bound Patient Using Effective Moving And Handling Skills Following Tile (Task,Individual, Load, Environment).

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Direct observation: (1): Manual handlingTaskThis task involved transferring the client from his wheelchair to a soft chair. The client is wheelchair bound due to quadriplegic and is therefore unable to move himself. Being bound to his wheelchair means his more prone to pressure sores especially on his bottom (Barnes 1996). To reduce the risk of pressure sores he is moved into a soft chair using a mobile hoist.I undertook this procedure by checking the safe working load on the hoist as this differs from hoist to hoist (Smith J, 2005). I also checked the weight of the client by looking through his medical notes, to ensure it would be safe to hoist him. I wheeled the hoist towards the client and discussed the procedure, to which he showed no sign of distress. I hooked the sling to the hoist checking for signs of deterioration. I supported his head while lifting him from his wheelchair. I comforted him throughout the procedure observing his body language. I moved the hoist near to his soft chair which has was positioned on the floor, and gently lowered him, ensuring his bottom was securely in the soft chair. I than released the hooks and made him comfortable in his soft chair.Individual capabilityBefore proceeding with this activity I carried out a self assessment on my ability to use the hoist. I had no previous back pain which could cause me restrictions in moving and I had the correct clothing and suitable flat shoes required to carry out this procedure.I had experience using the hoist and therefore felt fully capable of carrying out this task. I had seen this task being conducted by the carers and imitated the procedure they were following.I observed the client and how he responded to being hoisted. I noticed the importance of supporting his neck and re-assuring him and thus comforted him to the best of my ability.Using a hoist prevents the nurse moving clients manually which can cause a strain on the back and lead to chronic back pain (Knibbe and Friele 1999). Moving a patient manually can also cause the client harm and therefore hoisting benefits both the client and the...

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