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Moving From Syria To America: Personal Essay

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Painful Decision
Have you imagined leaving your homeland behind and settling in a different country? As a kid I always enjoyed the idea of traveling the world, and discovering new things, but never had thought it would be very hard to let go everything and leave. Growing up, I was always eager to meet new people, learn new languages, and make my own adventures in life. Soon, that dream turned into reality when my family decided to move to the United States of America in hopes of having a better future and new opportunities. I had mixed feelings and was confused about what to expect in the future. However, this was the ...view middle of the document...

I began to question myself and my life such as “will I be able to make new friends there? How hard would it be to get accepted to the Universities? , but more importantly, how soon will I adapt to the new life style?
Then, I realized that was time for me to accept this reality, because moving was inevitable. I also had a lot of support from family and friends who encouraged me by saying “Kinda! You can do it”. With all of the reassurance I received, I started feeling better and hopeful and actually was looking forward to start a new journey of my life. As a young girl; I always loved English and wanted to speak it fluently. I began thinking about when I move there my English would improve once I start meeting new friends especially Americans, and this would help me express my feelings better by communicating with others.
As the end of my freshmen year approached, the paper works were beginning to process faster. Because of this, I was getting more nervous and at the same time excited. I was trying to convince myself that everything would be fine, and that I would get used to the new life. When school ended and summer quickly approached, my family and I started packing our belongings and we were ready to leave. All our close friends and loved ones such as uncles, aunts, and cousins came over to our house to wish us good luck on our new journey, and see us for the last time before our departure.

Katrib 3
Also that day, my three best friends came over and spent some last memorable moments that we captured in pictures. Around twelve o’clock, my family, best friends and I left the house and we headed to the airport. By the time we had arrived to the airport, they were calling the passengers who were going to the United States to weigh their luggage, get on the plane, and find their appropriate seats. It was horrible feeling; my friends and I cuddled each other tightly and cried like we were never going to see each other again. I could not believe that I was leaving
those who I spent all my...

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