Moving To Japan: Personal Experience Essay

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Imagine moving to Japan when you are seven years old. Growing up in the military I have seen a good portion of the world. Japan though is to date the most memorable. See when you are a kid everything is new and exciting to you, more so when you think you are going to go see things that you only see on television. I am talking ninjas, samurai, and shogun. I was going to see it all. I would find out there was more to the Japanese culture than I knew at the time.
It was 1989 I had just turned seven when I found out I would be living in Japan for a few years. I had loved watching samurai movies and movies with ninjas in it, I knew I would love Japan. On the plane ride over there I was asking my ...view middle of the document...

The whole time I was getting immersed in Japanese culture. I was picking up the language and meeting friends. I would be given some Yen to go visit friends for the weekend and travel by train to their town; at times an hour or so away. I would also go visit my grandfather and grandmother by train or bus up north in the Aomori prefecture. A lot of my fellow Americans would think it is strange to let a 10 or 12 year old to ride a train that far by themselves; but to them that is their culture. They trust people and their children. A person of legal age can buy beer from a vending machine on the streets. Or most the time parents will send their kids to the store to buy groceries and a beer; because they know that the owner will make sure the beer made it to them.
The Japanese are a very prideful people and will do anything for anyone, if you show them the proper amount of respect that they deserve. Growing up there over I learned a great deal about what Japan was as a culture. They take great pride in everything they do. Be it a home garden or to the making bullet train or Shinkansen. The Japanese students start learning English at the age of about 10. The students overall...

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