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Moving To Mars Essay

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This paper reviews the work being done in research and preparation toward the human race colonizing Mars. Although Mars is an inhospitable planet, and people have talked about life and living on Mars, for decades, scientists are finally taking action. Thorough research has been and is being conducted. The articles reviewed in this paper, which are, “Mars-mimicking chamber explores habitability of other planets”, “The Pleasures of Suffering for Science”, “Mars could have supported life: Ten years on Mars leads to livable mud”, “Get Paid To Lounge In Bed? Sweet!”, “Thousands Apply For A One-Way (All Expenses Paid) Voyage To Mars”, and “Study: Water could be flowing on Mars now,” describe ...view middle of the document...

The article says that the water started out fresh and later became "as acidic as vinegar." It states that Mars is much too cold to have liquid water on its surface today. The article called, “Study: Water could be flowing on Mars now,” suggests a different idea that water could still be flowing now on Mars in the warm seasons. If the first and second article are correct, the water flowing on Mars when warm enough would be extremely acidic now. We still could possibly use this water for living on Mars.

As we may potentially be able to expand Earth’s population of humans to Mars, we have started preparing. One way we have started to prepare is by simulating what Mars is like in a chamber described in the article, “Mars-mimicking chamber explores habitability of other planets.” Researchers in Spain have created this machine and hope to use it for when we do travel to Mars one day. The machine is being used to see if Mars did have the ability to support life in the past and to see if the planet could still support life. The chamber is going to also be used to test how different equipment will react and work on the planet. Another article called, “Get Paid To Lounge In Bed? Sweet!” describes NASA’s plan to use people to study the effects of inactivity during the long space flight to Mars. The effects of long travel in space can cause a loss in bone density and a loss of muscle. To be prepared for a mission would reduce the risk of a mishap. We do not want to learn something the hard way.

The Mars One Foundation has developed a plan to send people to Mars. In the article, “Thousands Apply For A One-Way (All Expenses Paid) Voyage To Mars,” the author describes the foundation’s idea to send four people every two years to start a human colony. Of the over 200,000 people who responded to the advertisement, only 25 to 40 will continue to the next stage of testing. A seven year training program will help select...

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