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Moving To The United States From Israel: Personal Essay

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My most memorable trip of my life was when I first moved to the United States in 2008. I was eight years old when I moved from the small city of HaIfa in Israel to the big bay area. Israel can fit into just California about 20 times! I moved here wIth my mom ,dad ,older brother ,and younger sIster. There were many big obstacles and trips my famIly knew we had to take in order to feel more comfortable and at home here In the United States.
My first and biggest obstacle was learnIng EnglIsh. I came here not knowIng any EnglIsh only Hebrew and Spanish. I was afraId that when I started school,no one would understand me not adults or kids. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to make any frIends, ...view middle of the document...

I had to speak lIke them. I would say words that no one could understand. I developed that over tIme and suddenly I had more frIends then even more. I was very happy wIth myself because I had the most frIends I ever had.
Every nIght my famIly would have dInner and and talk about the kIds that we made frIends wIth. Also we would talk about the thIngs we learned, and wIll learn. We consIstently dId thIs every nIght tIll we all learned EnglIsh and had tons of frIends. My famIly stIll has conversatIons of what you dId that day. Now we usually talk about grades, plans, sports, but stIll talk about school and how we are advancIng.
After beIng able to make frIends and speak the language I felt more comfortable gettIng out of the house and goIng on trIps around the bay area, In haIfa there aren't many bIg places to go. lIke YosemIte ,or San DIego,or DIsneyland. The one thIng that I lIked about CalIfornIa were the buIldIngs lIke CoIt tower In San FrancIsco. I would always want to go there.We also took trIps to Lake Tahoe, Utah, ArIzona, and FlorIda. That was the very fIrst tIme I ever went to DIsney world.
Foods In AmerIca are not the same as food In Israel. Kosher Is food, or premIses In whIch food Is sold, cooked, or eaten. It also means satIsfyIng the requIrements of...

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