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The journey of my life began ten years ago when I moved to United States with my family. I was born in India and I never thought about moving to America. My parents said that moving to America is going to be the best thing for all of us. But, in reality it was going to be so difficult for me personally because I didn't know how to speak English. Furthermore, I didn't have any family or friends in America. Lastly, there were so many new faces and new people that I have never seen before. I knew that my moving to America, I will have to adapt to a different lifestyle and culture.
I moved to United States of America in 2006. My parents wanted to move to America because they thought that moving to America would give me better education opportunities and my future would be brighter. I was in sixth grade when I moved to America. It was really hard for me to communicate with people and because I didn't know how to speak English. I couldn't even have a short conversation with other students and teachers because I was scared that they will make fun of me. I was in all ESL classes and my ESL teacher Mrs. Vaglios taught me how to speak English. She was really nice and kind because she went out of her way to teach me English. She gave me books to read and helped me after school by making me listen to audios. It took me seven months to speak decent English. My parents were so happy that I was finally able to speak English and talk to others. After I was able to speak English, I was able to communicate more with people and engage in different activities. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that being able to speak English helped me overcome many obstacles.
Moving to a different country wasn’t only hard for me but it was also difficult for my parents. We had a tough time because we didn't have any family who lived in America. My parents had to work two jobs to keep up with the bills and the rent. As soon as we moved to USA my parents rented an apartment. The hardships that my parents face in America for two years were really hard for me to see. They would work every single day for twelve hours. The difficulties that they went through made me realize that I had the best parents in the...

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