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Mr. Mc Cullough's Commencement Speech

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In his speech at the Wellesley High School for the Graduation Ceremony of the Class of 2012, Mr. McCullough makes a scathing criticism of the “Me Generation”, the modern youth with their modern popular cultures and modern philosophies. Mr. McCullough’s scathing criticism of the “Me Generation” was justified and insightful because the Young People’s YOLO is corrupt, Me Generation’s people do things so they can show off, and the Me Generation is extremely self-centered.. He used statistics, common sense and simple words to describe how the “Me Generation” is corrupt, self-centered and are show offs. Mr. McCullough believes that the modern people are too busy celebrating their achievements to realize that they are not special.
Mr. McCullough’s criticism is justified and insightful because the new generation’s YOLO, You Only Live Once is not a good thing. Towards the end of the speech, while explaining why the people of the “Me Generation” use YOLO instead of YLOO, Mr. McCullough states, “…because you can and should live not merely once, but every day of your life…rather than You Live Only Once, it should be You Live Only Once… but because it YLOO doesn’t have the same ring, we shrug and decide it doesn’t matter..” (BBROWN). As he explains the Me Generation tends to go with YOLO because they do not find fun in being a good human being. Where a good human being helps others for the sake of being helpful, and helps people in improving their lives, followers of YOLO find no interest in being kind and helpful and instead decide to be harsh and unhelpful. He also explains that although everyone lives once, they all live once every day, once every hour, once every minute, and once every second. Mr. McCullough believes that since people live once every second and once every life time, that second that they assume is insignificant is to be valued. This is because everything a person does affect their future in one way or another. Mr. McCullough’s YLOO policy is better because he realizes that if a person lives only once, then they need to make something useful out of it, and getting tattoos or going off to make people’s lives miserable is not an example of a useful thing to do with one’s life. Since YOLO misguides people to corruptness and destruction, and YLOO helps people and takes them to the right direction by showing that every second can be useful and significant and informing them to use it wisely, Mr. McCullough’s YLOO is better than YOLO and his commentary of YOLO is justified and insightful. Some of these misguided people often do things just so they can earn a reward for it or so they can cross it off their “To Achieve” list.
The only reason why most people of the “Me Generation” attempt to achieve is so they can show off their achievements to others and gloat about it; instead they should achieve so they gain more knowledge, not fame. Near the very end of his speech, Dr. McCullough elucidates the true and meaningful reason for doing things...

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