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TABLE OF CONTENTCOMPANY PROFILE 03TOP LEVEL MANAGEMENT 04WORK PLACE ENVIRONMENT 05TERMS AND CONDITIONS 06RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION PROCESS 7-20JOB DESCRIPTION 7-20VACANCY 7-20BENEFITS 7-20EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATION 7-20POLICIES 7-20COMPENSATION PACKAGES 7-2WORK EXPERIENCE REQUIRED 7-20Company ProfileABC group is of the oldest group in Maharashtra it was started as a family business in 1920 and then converted as a private limited in 1985. It initially started it's business in Dairy later in got into other milk products like panner, cheese, butter, cream, ice-cream and now is diversifying into Potato chips and snacks under the brand name of Mr. Potato where in we are manufacturing potato chips along with it we are also getting into ready-to-eat segment. We continue to innovate, so we can provide tasty products that are good as well as fun.Our goal is to provide the society with a wide range of products that are of high quality. The company strives to ensure the best reaches to it's consumers through timely up gradation of the techniques and strategiesTOP LEVEL MANAGEMENTGeneral BodySohnar Parrikar : ChairmanVithal Parrikar : ChairmanAvdhut Salatry : SecretaryExecutive Co4mmitteeVivek Panjikar : PresidentPradeep Kulkarni : PresidentRajeev Naik : Jt. SecretaryOrganizations managedNature's Fresh Dairy (Goa)ABC's Milk products (Goa)Mr. Potato (Maharashtra)IS0 1800:2004 for quality managementWork EnvironmentMr. Potato is one of the fastest growing company in food sector which aims to become a global player in food sector which makes it very exciting work place for you. We are always on the lookout for vibrant, highly gifted, natural problem-solvers and experienced professionals. As constantly growing company we aim to further expand our business In food. Balances challenging projects and high level of responsibility with a healthy respect for family and personal commitments. Our goal is to deliver the highest quality products and as efficiently as possible in a stimulating and supportive work environmentRegular Performance EvaluationRegularly scheduled performance evaluations. The first takes place in six months after an employee joins the company to give the employee a feel of how things are doing, if they need to make any adjustment and changes in their work. If the employee does well In the evaluation he/she will be awarded regular time status.Terms and conditionsCheck the date of manufacturing and expiry before purchasing the product if not the company can't be held responsible due to any damage caused after the consumptionMaterial from and any other world wide web sited owned by the company may not be copied or distributed, published uploaded or transmitted in any way without the prior consent of the company.The material in the site could include technical or typographical errors. Mr. Potato may make changes or improvement anytime.PoliciesNo smoking in the premises, except for the rest roomNo consumption of alcohol in the premises...

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