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Freddie Green was born on March 31, 1911 in Charleston, South Carolina.All the articles will tell you, Freddie Green is the best in his category; he was a star guitarist. Other musicians will tell you the same. As a jazz musician, Freddie Green could not be touched.Born Frederick William Green, young "Freddie" as he was called, began playing the banjo before he became a teenager. Sam Walker, a trumpet player and the father of Freddie's friend, taught young Green how to read music. It was Sam Walker who encouraged Freddie to take up the guitar. Walker, an organizer of Charleston's respected Jenkins Orphanage Band, allowed Freddie to perform with the group. An elite group of musicians - two went on to play for pianist Duke Ellington and Count Basie, both famous jazz pianists.After Freddie's parents died when Freddie was fourteen, he went to live in New York to live with his aunt so he could complete his schooling. Eventually he began to play in New York Clubs such as the "Black Cat" in Greenwich Village and the "Yeah Man Club" in Harlem. He became the guitarist for the "Night Hawks" who were the house band for the "Black Cat" club. While playing at this club, Freddie was seen by a jazz talent scout who introduced Freddie Green to Count Basie.Count Basie arrived in New York. He had been in Kansas City and he was debuting at the "Roseland Ballroom." The jazz talent scout, John Hammond, took Count Basie and Benny Goodman to hear Freddie play at the "Black Cat." Basie liked the music of his current guitarist, but after hearing Freddie Green play, he fired Claude Williams and hired Freddie Green.It was the beginning of a whirlwind life for Freddie Green. In 1937, Green recorded his first album. Green accompanied Basie in the 1928 and 1939 "Spirituals to Swing" concerts where there was a variety of jazz and blues musicians. Green went on to record for Columbia and RCA and he backed up such people as Buddy Tate, Illinois Jacquet, and Emmett Berry - all top musicians in their time. Besides recording with "Count Basie and his Orchestra" during those years, Green also became a part of "Basie and his Kansas City Seven," and "Count Basie and his All-American Rhythm Section." When the big band era was winding down in the late 1940's, several bands fell on hard times. Count Basie was no exception. In 1950, Basie was...

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