Mr Robert Knght Essay

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According to Knight the journalists should try to avoid compound and complex sentences. He says they should be used sparingly to provide a rhythmic counterpart to basic, simple declarative sentences. The limited use of compound and complex sentences is also a sign that one cares for the breath of the anchor. Hence, It would be better to say ‘The President asked parents to return the cheques that were distributed to them earlier this week.’ Then, there would be a follow-up sentence instead of ‘The President asked parents to return un-cashed cheques that were distributed earlier this week because there was an error in the monetary allocation printed on them.’
Knight says that a lede may be referred to as the first few sentences used to dramatize a story or the conceptual beginning of the story and usually includes three to four paragraphs. in structuring the lede many leads only require the journalists to fill in the blank once the issue and person or thing is known. However, he says that the lead must introduce the subject, entice the readers are both; the latter usually being more effective. In structuring a lead Knight says that it is best to avoid mechanical and overblown compound and complex sentences, too many modifiers, the passive voice, dead on arrival verbs, clichés, and monotonous rhythms. A lead can do many things, ask questions, entice, tease, summarize or invoke; but he says the nature of the story can often suggest to writers the best type of lead to use. For example, he says breaking news end themselves to summary leads. The increase in the number of cats on the Aston Preston Hall, has led to an increase in the number of incidences of mumps reported among members of the hall. Measures are been taken to rid the hall of the animals.
For example Jamaican Farmer of the year, Pam Jack has launched a new charity to help street children. Knight suggests the use of declarative sentences in broadcast ledes; a broadcast lead should also tease the listener into the story...