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Purpose: The purpose of this lab is to determine the relationship between position (x) and time (t) of a battery-powered vehicle.Apparatus & Procedure: Diagram: Procedure instructions: 1. Get two battery powered vehicles, one stopwatch, a piece of chalk and a meter stick.2. Take the piece of chalk and mark a starting line.3. Now take the meter stick and measure 5 meters from the start line and mark a line for each meter.4. Now put one of the racecars and put it on the start line.5. Then give someone the stop watch so he or she can take time for you.6. The way the time should be taken should be how long does it take for the back wheels to go over the set marker. Also the timer should hit start on the stopwatch once he or she sees the car move and should hit stop when the back wheels go over the marker.7. Now drive the car to the 1 meter marker.8. Record the time.9. Put car back on start line clear stopwatch.10. Now drive car to the 2 meter mark.11. Record time.12. Put car back on start line and clear stopwatch.13. Now drive car to the 3 meter mark.14. Record time in data table.15. Put car back on start line and clear stopwatch.16. Now drive car to the 4 meter mark.17. Record time in data table.18. Put car back on start line and clear stopwatch.19. Now drive car to the 5 meter mark.20. Record time in data table.21. Put car away and clear stopwatch.22. Now get the second car and put it on the start line.23. Do steps 7 thru 21 again put instead of using car 1 use car two.24. Put everything away and erase the chalk marks on the floor.Data: Y Car Distance (meter) Time (seconds) One meter .0185 seconds Two meters .0387 seconds Three meters .0594 seconds Four meters .0688 seconds Five meters .0935 seconds B Car Distance (meter) Time (seconds) One meter .0354 seconds Two meters .0638 seconds Three meters .1016 seconds Four meters .1275 seconds Five meters .1597 seconds Data Evaluation: Step by step explanation of data evaluation: Sample calculations: Slope: Dx/Dt, in other words slope is the change in position divide by the change in time....

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