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Mri: An Advancement In Technology Essay

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One of the most recently new advances in radiology is the use of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). MRI has been around for the past century. It was at first called Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) and then it changed to MRI once there was an available image. Walter Gerlach and Otto Stern were the first scientists to start experimenting with the magnetic imaging. Their very first experiment was looking at the magnetic moments of silver by using some type of x-ray beam. The scientists then discovered this was by realizing that the magnetic force in the equipment and in the object itself. In 1975, the first image was finally created using and MRI machine. The scientists used a Fourier Transformation machine to reconstruct images into 2D. The first images ever use diagnostically was in 1980. This is when hospitals began to use them. At first the images took hours to develop and were only used on the patients that needed it most. Even though MRI has been around for a long time, it has advanced and has been one of the best imaging modalities recently (Geva, 2006).
One of the main reasons that MRI works is because of the patient themselves. Water is 80% of what our bodies are made up of. An MRI machine uses the water molecules in the body to create an image. The MRI uses water molecules to move in different direction which creates some type of electrical current. By moving the water molecules the technologist can distinguish which way they want the image to lay. An MRI machine mainly is used for soft tissue, organs, ligaments, and spinal cords. The MRI machine is a giant magnet. The magnet is made up of different forces and strengths. There is another giant magnet that creates some type of electrical current around the patient lying in the machine. With the conduction of electricity it creates a magnetic field that needs to be present in order to create an image. The way that the strength of the magnet is measure is by the unit of a Tesla. Usually most MRI machine are around one to five Tesla (Coyne, 2014).
MRI has becoming increasingly popular in diagnosing patients. Because of the detail that it offer doctors can easily see what is wrong with the patient and can properly diagnose them. MRI has now advanced into 3D images and the machine will scan though the body part and allow different dimensional views so that the doctor can read the image from different views. Even with the use of showing the spinal cord is very crucial. No other modality is able to show the spinal cord. This is a huge impact of technology because now if there is a deformity in the spinal cord, doctors will be able to diagnose the patients. There is also stand up MRI machines where the patient is allowed to move. This is very important with spine work and helping to see where the specific pain...

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