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Mrs Bennett Writing Essay

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The weather in Summerhill, Alabama is mostly the same, hot in the summers, fair in the winter, and theres always that occasional heat wave. It's about 6:00 am when Addison's eyes shoot open to the sound one direction blaring in her hear. She closes her eyes and searches through the covers trying to find her phone, once she does she opens her eyes, glaring down at the message.
Wake up! U need a ride or not? - Kenzie
Addison yawns and stretches her arms out before replying with a simple,
Yes please!
And dragging herself out of bed for another day of school.

The first thing she see's when entering the bathroom is her reflection in the mirror. For a moment, she stares at it. Her long blonde hair was flowing just above her shoulders and her blue eyes seemed even brighter this morning.
She was broken out of her daze when Alice came barging into the room unannounced. Addison turned to look at her sister. Her dark brown hair was drenched in water making it almost look black, which her piecing Green eyes seem even more like an emerald.
“What happened to you?” Addison asked turning around to apply mascara.
"I went swimming" she yawned. Addison glanced over at the window and seeing that blue fog that covers  the area in the morning.
"It's still dark outside" she finally says after applying the final layer of lipstick. Alice just gives her a confused look.
"Well I couldn't sleep" she says
"Your not normal" Addison says
"Obviously" Alice answers rolling her eyes as she snaps her fingers, making her hair completely dry and flawless. "And neither are you" she smiles.
Addison hated that smile, it got Alice everything she wanted, which is something Addison could never get. Alice had it all, perfect body, perfect height, perfect boyfriend. She was one of the tiny-est people in the 10th grade. Weighing in at only 87 pounds and being only 5"2" made her the butt of all the short jokes, which Addison loved.
"U driving to school today?" Alice asked after finishing her makeup.
"No, Mackenzie's picking me up in about ten minutes" Addison answered, avoiding eye contact.
"Well just tell her not to come, Jake is sick so I need u to drive me" Addison looks at her for a second, the smile making her want to give in. She just walks over to her and says, a simple but effective,
“No” Alice looked at Addison like she was speaking in a foreign language, almost bewildered by the fact that someone could actually say no to little miss perfect. So she just walks forward, so that they're inches apart. Alice's 5"7" slumping over Addison, making her...

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