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Mrs. Grose Perspective Essay

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All I could see were her eyes, glassy yet wildly searching, face applied to the pane where she stood, just as Quint had stood; completely oblivious of the series of thoughts that consumed me instantaneously. But only one image kept reappearing in front of all others, no matter the numerous times I tried to repress it. Her eyes. Oh, her eyes!

It was a succession of repetition that had never been so startling, I reflected upon a particular pair of eyes I had seen an unpropitious night many years before; and it truly worried me, those eyes—I had seen those eyes before. I could not have been less sure, he had come back for me; he had, at last, come to do what he was meant to years ago, that ...view middle of the document...

Each bottle he downed was exchanged with pieces of his soul; until all was left was the flesh and skin of him.

Our meetings throughout typical days at Bly weren’t frequent, for he was the valet and I spent my time in caring to the children for they had no governess; I had always thought that perhaps I had been too free with him. His ribald manner towards the other servants was appalling and he had become madder, each day yet; I was sure of it, it was no product of my imagination. What was to come would have been prevented, if I had just done something. Oh how irresponsible of me, to be so ineffective!

It had been especially cold, that night, and as I attempted to stifle a sneeze, which I did not manage to do, (it came out louder and bigger than I had expected), I misplaced my foot and was taken slightly off balance, for the ground was white of snow. It was only at this, the forthwith in his change of countenance, that I had realised my mistake; his bore into mine, and there came an unspeakable intensity that was most uncomfortable, and I could feel my forehead visibly sweat in panic. He then pulled his thin lips into an upturned crescent, which, I dare say, seemed to slowly spread around his head and meet at the back of his neck. It was most remarkable in a horrific way, I stood there...

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