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William Shakespeare, the man of many artistic talents, is still quite a mysterious figure in today’s world, mainly because of the lack of records on this man; but also because of his writings. According to what little the Holy Trinity Church had documented on William Shakespeare, the legal and business transactions including some theatrical and Court documents as well as his life’s work, can be used to put the little bits of information given to us to see the basic overview of this man’s life, use it to see the Globe Theater where he worked as a playwright and an actor, as well as what the Elizabethan Era that he lived in was like.
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At the age 11 W. Shakespeare’s son Hamnet, died on August 11, 1596. For seven years after his son’s death, is known as the Lost Years. During the lost years William Shakespeare helped his father in the family business, he was a law clerk for some time, traveled to Italy and worked as a soldier or sailor for England.
1588 Spain Invaded England with the Spanish Armada but was defeated; Soon after England had an unsuccessful expedition to Portugal and the Azores. Sometime around 1592 Shakespeare arrived in London, and started to establish himself as an actor / playwright. A few years later he was writing, along with acting for the Lord Chamberlain’s men, on top of being a managing partner of the Globe Theater.
The Globe Theater or Elizabethan Theater was the known as the main “playhouse” for the Chamberlain’s Men acting company. It was built for especially for the Chamberlain’s Men and was opened in 1599 in London. William Shakespeare wrote As You Like It especially for the opening of the Theater. The Globe Theater helped many composers like W. Shakespeare to break free of England’s pervious types of plays, and theater.
The Globe theater was burned down during the performance of Henry Vlll in 1613...

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