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ENGLISH 102:ENGLISH COMP & LIT INSTRUCTOR April 24, 1999 Mrs. Warren s main goal in life was providing a better life for her daughter. With the help of her sister she was able to get a brothel established and made it extremely successful. Unfortunately, the title of Madam has no honor and causes her daughter to reject her. She acquired wealth and power equal to that of her male business partner, Mr. George Crofts, but Mrs. Warren still lacks the respect by society due to her profession. She hated working as a bar made and didn t want to end up like her half sisters. To the contrary, Vivie, Mrs. Warren s, daughter, having a very happy childhood did not become aware of her mother s income until much later in life. Mrs. Warren provided a home, the finest education, and all manners of pleasantries for her daughter. During her upbringing, Vivie was unaware of how her mother s professional success was attributed to a lifestyle she would come to hate and reject later in life. Because Vivie attends a private finishing school, she rarely sees her mother only shadowing her mother s disreputable background. It is this background and Vivie s high morals and schooling that soon become the conflict that will drive that would end their relationship as mother and daughter. Another result of Vivie s schooling and upbringing is she becomes aware of how women are held back in society from attaining fame and fortune. Vivie later find out her mother is still exploiting women, as prostitutes, and has trouble dealing with the situation. With great pain and anguish she decides to sever ties with her mother and makes a life for herself as an accountant. 3 ENGLISH 102:ENGLISH COMP & LIT INSTRUCTOR: April 24, 1999 Of the four men in the play only one man, the priest has no lust for Vivie, he was possibly her father. The priest son, Frank Gardner, on the other hand was truly interested in her for the money to support his style living. Even after he found out Vivie might be his half-sister, he still wants to marry her. He only gave her up when he found out she gave up her mother s money and relationship. Praed was the most interesting male character. He was a likeable, friendly, great talker, and shows a deep respect and interest for Vivie and is a true friend to Mrs. Warren. He supports them both until the end trying to protect their feeling and by keeping the mood pleasant and calm. However, he did make several gestures during the play to Vivie, to capture her heart. The scoundrel of the play appears to be Mr. George Crofts, a skilled businessman, who attempts to use his skills to gain Vivie s hand in marriage. He tries to blackmail Mrs. Warren by threatening to tell Vivie the secret of her mother s profession. Mrs. Warren throws him out of the house and wants nothing to do with him. Later, George Croft talks to Vivie alone, using his skills of gab, he tries to gain her favor and fails. So, he tells Vivie of all of her mother s business practices, and she is owns...

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