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Mrytle And Wilson Along With The Relation Between Tom And His Mistress Notre Essay

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Despite being initially charmed by Wilsons class and his “breeding” Myrtle has a great amount of contempt towards him because she overestimated his social class and is now stuck in a marriage which she desperately wants out of. This is made evident numerous times and Myrtle even believes she was “crazy” for marrying George opposed to being “crazy about him”. Much of her contempt towards Wilson is based around her materialistic desires or more so the desires that Wilson cannot fulfil, which although appears to be vulgar at first, it can be understood. The only way for a lady of lower social class to escape “the valley of ashes” would be to marry a “gentleman” which was the perception he put across, but in fact he “borrowed somebody’s else best suit”- which created a false perception and deceived Myrtle.
Unlike Daisy and Toms relationship where the female is the “subservient” figure, Myrtle contrasts the norms of society and portrays the more controlling figure within the relationship, but whilst doing so seems to drain the life of Wilson and turn him to a “spiritless man”, which contrasts to the description of Myrtle who “carr[ies] her flesh sensuously” which create the perception that Myrtle feeds off Wilsons spirit to a point which leaves him “anaemic” and grey”. Furthermore, due to Wilson being made to be the the less dominant figure within the relationship, he is seen to be manipulated easily and extremely naïve- almost to the point where ‘he doesn’t know he’s alive” this absurd naivety creates an image that Wilson can be “walk[ed] through/” or even on by Myrtle.
Myrtle and Tom’s relationship is built around Tom’s Lust and Myrtle fantasy of becoming an upper-class lady, which evidently never happens.
Much like in her relationship with Wilson she is still presented as the femme fatale and a symbol of female sexuality, this...

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