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Ms .Net Essay

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Microsoft .NET is a set of software technologies for connecting information, people, systems, and devices. This new generation of technology is based on Web services--small building-block applications that can connect to each other as well as to other, larger applications over the Internet. By using the Internet to enable software applications to more easily work together, Microsoft .NET offers businesses the opportunity to increase operating profits, decrease costs, and connect with customers and employees. Here are four ways .NET can help business today.Lowering operating costThe ability to connect systems can have a dramatic impact on the bottom line for any business, whether it needs to connect a handful of internal applications or integrate an extensive supply chain. Traditional business integration methods based on Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) often don't work well when dealing with smaller suppliers and partners who frequently use isolated computer systems and communicate via fax, phone, and e-mail. Microsoft .NET-connected software can help bridge the communication gap among smaller partners who never adopted EDI. .NET-connected software is built on Web service standards, which enables both new and existing applications to connect with software and services across platforms, applications, and programming languages. In applications such as Microsoft Excel 2002, .NET-connected software allows analysts to monitor up-to-the-minute production tallies across numerous suppliers, enabling everyone in the supply chain to effectively tailor production to match demand. For example, Newport News Shipbuilding used .NET-connected software to build applications faster, and to connect with various partners. The company improved its time to market by 19 percent in building and launching its new application.Drive more sales.NET connects sales professionals with the information they need and provides businesses with the opportunity to increase revenue and create new business opportunities. .NET-connected software provides a sales force with the ability to analyze information that was once isolated in back-end systems through familiar programs such as Microsoft Office XP. This information can be delivered anywhere to a wide range of...

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