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MSND and R&J
Comparisons Between Two Shakespearian Plays
Among many of the plays written by Shakespeare, many of them have similarities. The continuous and constant themes throughout these performances are what make Shakespeare such a renowned play writer. His great understanding of how humans work only added to his capabilities of creating wonderful plays that can relate directly to the members of the audience. If you pay close attention to his puns and his humor and sometimes even the serious aspects in his plays, you can find certain themes that translate over into other plays of his. An example of consequence is as follows. Shakespeare does an exquisitely wonderful job of connecting two completely different plays by using subliminal messages, themes and putting many commonalities and cohesions between A Midsummer Night’s Dream and The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet.
Act one of MSND is similar to R&J in the aspect of rapidity, a sense of rushed decisions and actions. In MSND, it is very first stated that Hippolyta and Theseus are to be married within the time of four days. This brings about an air of hurriedness which then in turn relates to R&J and how everything in the first act occurs in a couple days. In R&J it goes quickly from a battle scene to talk of marriage. With Shakespeare’s choice of using this hurried aspect, he portrays a very keen understanding of teenagers. This makes these plays extremely relatable which in turn makes them popular and the connections between the two just add to the incredibility of these performances.
Of MSND and R&J, act two is when most of the trouble begins and the plot starts to unravel. Oberon and Titania in MSND have a huge disagreement over a child that they both wish to have for themselves. Oberon wanted the child to be his servant whereas Titania was raising the child because he was the son of one of her closest mortal friends whom had died. In R&J many problems spring up as...

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